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The Moon of Cleansing

The Waning Crescent Moon is the last moon phase of this cycle. Under this moon, one is encouraged to let go of any anger, negative energy, or bad habits. This is a time to go inward, reflect on all of the knowledge you have acquired during this cycle of your journey, and release any unnecessary attachments. As you bring this cycle to a close, ask yourself what you may want to accomplish in the next cycle, begin your manifestations and meditate as you release what may be unnecessary to achieve those goals.

Here are some crystals that are best to use under this moon:


This stone helps to banish negativity and any frustrations one may feel as they take notice of the transitions occurring within and around their lives as they enter the next cycle. This stone also brings peace, and encouraged personal power, confidence, and courage necessary to embrace the changes that have occurred. It also helps one to take responsibility of the changes that they are causing.

Black Tourmaline

This is a protective stone. This stone deflects destructive and negative forces by creating a psychic shield around it's owner. It also assists in cleansing one from the negative emotions and thoughts that may have accumulated throughout this cycle. It also helps with neutralizing internal conflict.

Under this moon phase, one may also use an herb as an essential oil, tincture, tea, etc. Because this is the moon of Cleansing, the best herb to use is White Sage. This plant has a fresh, herbal aroma. It cleanses and promotes wisdom and understanding in difficult situations. It also cleans out patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful and provides spiritual protection. During this time, use this herb to smudge yourself, your home, your safe spaces, and your crystals to remove any unwanted or negative energy.

Under the Waning Crescent Moon, one will notice that your preparation and acceptance of the transitions you must undergo are creating changes in your life. You will notice that your relationships and circumstances have changed around you. Some from your direct manifestations, some may be as a result of those manifestations.

In addition, one may feel uneasy or overemotional as a result of all the changes that they are witnessing. One may feel out of control of themselves and the changes that are occurring. It is advised not to submit to these emotions. Recognize that you do have control, and rid yourself of the negative behaviors and mindsets that no longer serve a purpose. Tie up the lose ends of those small goals you maid for this cycle, and make room for new upcoming experiences and lessons with the next New Moon.