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The Moon of Transition

What are your goals for the future? This is the question you should be asking yourself under the Last Quarter Moon. During this phase, one should be listing their goals and necessary changes to be made in order to achieve them. You have achieved some of your goals, now it is time to use the lessons from those experiences to further yourself well along your path. Use these experiences to make further changes to your attitudes, energy, and behaviors. Rid yourself of anything that doesn't help you move forward; accept the voids that come with this, and look towards more positive and productive fulfillment.

Listed below are some recommended gemstones and essential oil to wear, carry, or have on your alter under this moon phase.

Rose Quartz

This is the stone of universal love for self and others. It helps to open and heal the heart chakra. It also brings peace during times of Transition.

Clear Quartz

This crystal brings focus and helps one move toward their deepest desires.


This crystal helps with communicating clearly, it also promotes positive changes, and helps to release anger and unnecessary negative emotions.


This is a protection stone. This stone helps remove emotional blockages, and protects against physical attacks. This stone also helps enhance clarity, strength, and self control.


This stone helps one with letting go of negative energy and emotions. It also helps with healing from difficult times and mourning.


This stone helps bring overall wellness it it's owner. It helps with calming conflicts, and helps children sleep. This crystal is especially beneficial to the Third Eye Chakra.

Under this moon the specific plant to use in a tincture, in a spell bag, at your alter, or as an essential oil is Frankincense.

This plant has a sweet, woody aroma. It brings uplifting energy, connecting one to their inner truth and intuition. It also promotes stability, and helps with overcoming fear, insecurities, and resistance to change.

During the Last Quarter Moon phase you're preparing yourself for the changes you have coming ahead as you continue your journey. Use stones and essential oils that promote focus and provide protection against any negative emotions that may be holding you back from accepting the necessary transition you will experience or may already be experiencing.

Make yourself a list of actions, habits, attitudes, etc that are harmful to your progress or are no longer necessary. Visualize yourself no longer having these behaviors and accept the voids they may create, and the unknown path that letting go may direct you towards. Recite affirmations you make to yourself positively and gracefully accepting these changes and the voids that come with in trust that it is for your betterment. Enjoy the moment, take notice and embrace every characteristic and experience of the changes taking place. However, you may still ease the insecurities of your new voids with the positive fulfillment to come in the future.

To move forward is to change. Transition is necessary for growth to occur. Don't fear the changes, trust in them and experience them to the fullest.