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What is an Orgonite?

First, we must realize what is orgone energy. Orgone energy is also known as Prana, Chi, or Universal energy in other cultures. William Reich researched this energy during the 1930s and named it orgone. He came to the conclusions that this energy can be observed, it can penetrate all matter, and it all fills all space, but at different speeds. He also noticed that this energy had a strong attraction to water, and it could be accumalated naturally by tasks such as eating, breathing, and through one's skin. Reich realized that one could harness this energy by layering organic material (the resin which is made of carbon, and is used to attract the energy) and inorganic material (the stones and metals used, to repel the energy). These substances must be used in an equal 50/50 ratio to be effective. With the organic material attracting the energy, and the inorganic material repelling the energy simultaneously at a constant speed, it ultimately moves the energy back and forth in a scrubbing motion, cleaning the energy in its given space.

The effects of the orgonite may differ person to person, but some effects include: better sleep, more energy, vivid dreams, balanced moods, decreased sensitivity to EMFs, spiritual and psychological comfort or growth, and increased resistence to illnesses. It also can be placed in your plants or vegetation for protection against the harmful effects of pesticides, perservatives, and other food additives. It is very commonly used in water, whether for drinking, cooking, bathing, or cleaning to help cleanse the water from any hardness or harmful chemicals and give off positive ions.

People may use the orgonites to balance and strengthen one's magnetic field, to deepend meditation, boost plant growth, remove negative energy from a given space or person, and strengthen one's intentions and visualizations.

There are various different combinations of crystals and metals that can be combined in the resin to have different results.

accumanaturally accumulated by food ingestion, breathing, and through the sun. Reich also came to the conclusion that there were two types of energy.