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Metals in Your Orgonites

In the article about orgonites, we learned that metals are the inorganic material put into the orgonites that assist in repelling the absorbed energy. The metals can be accompanied by crystals of your choice, or there can just be metals used in the orgonite. That is completely up to the maker. It is best to use th metals in a powder form as there is more surface area to each metal piece exposed, however, all forms of the metal are just as useful. There are so many metals to choose from, so here is an article explaining some of the most common metals used in the orgonites and their great benefits that they can provide to the energy in your space, as well as your body. Remember, your body is also space made up of this orgone energy, metals, and most importantly, water.

Also, as a side note, feel free to use these metals in other ways, such as jewelry, or mugs, utensils, sculptures, vitamins, food additives, etc. These metals should not be used to replace the doctor's orders, but they can be used to help or supplement your current health plan. Be mindful that you do not overdose on any of these metals, as we all know, too much of a great thing can be toxic.

Aluminum: This metal is associated with Uranus, Mercury, and air elements. It assists with alkaline metabolic processes and helps to decrease over acid conditions, or too much acidity in the stomach. In addition, it also assists with the iron absorption in the intestines and with conductivity in the nerves. Aluminum reflects aetheric energies better than any other metal . It can also deflect energies, and is very protective. Aluminum also helps with nervousness, fears, guilt, expression, letting go of grudges, desire for change, sobriety, alertness, remorse, removes illusions, brings a sense of reality, finding yourself, and helps provide a reflection of one's journey.

Magnesium: This metal is associated with the sun. It is a very strong metal that assists in expanding energies. It is excellent for assisting in repairing bones. It also helps with diabetes, hearth health, issues with menstruation, headaches, asthma, blood pressure, and anxiety.

Magnetite: This is a form of iron oxide. Ruled by Venus and water, it is the most magnetic of all natural metals. It is used as an antiflammatory to draw out disease and pain from the body. In humans, this metal can be found behind the pituitary gland, making us sensitive to magnetic fields. It helps to attract commitment, love, and loyalty, as well as one's endurance. It also helps with the circulatory system, skin, hair, and asthma. Use this metal to help get rid of fear and guilt.

Iron: This metal is associated with Mars and fire. It is known for its very stong and protective energies. It has been used to ward off evil spirits or negative energies. It also helps to draw illnesses from the body, and helps to transport oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body. Iron helps with energy and vitality. It also stimulates the liver, spleen, intenstines, and bone marrow. Iron is at the center of the Earth, making it an excellent grounding stone. It is also a calming stone that helps with purifying the consciousness of unpleasantries, negative perceptions and experiences. It also helps one to take initiative, and stay upright, and it helps with endurance, will power, assertiveness, enthusiams, honesty, positive attitude, and completing cycles.

Selenium: Selenium can be found in various organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs, liver, pancreas, muscles, and eyes. It is a great antioxidant helping to eliminate most cancers as well as heart disease and asthma. Selenium also helps slow down or prevent mental health issues, thyroid issues, and vision lost. Selenium is a great immune booster as well, and is best used under the light.

Cobalt: Cobalt is the active center of coenzymes, normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body in the form of B12. It also assists in the DNA synthesis and regulation, as well as fatty acid and amino acid metabolism. It helps to treat anemia and other infections, and it helps to repair nerve cells. Colbalt can be traced in the pineal gland, assisting in everyday function, concentration, and blood formation. Using this metal will enhance these functions as well as spiritual visions.

Bismuth: This metal creates a magnetic field opposite of the already existing external magnetic field. It helps with transformations, transitions to the astral plane, and connection to the crown chakra. It helps relieve feelings of spiritual and physical isolation, and helps to push one to change in the right direction. It also helps treat upset stomach, heartburn, and nausea.

Gold: Gold helps with depression, fear of death, or desire to commit suicide. It also helps to give self confidence, and protection against destructive influences. In addition, gold also helps to give one a meaning to life, it enables realization of good deeds and projects, and it represents generosity. Physically, gold promotes distribution and cirulation of energy and vitality in the body. It helps with issues and diseases of the reproductive system. It also supports gland functioning and assists in healing damage to bones and tissues. It also helps to regulate nervous system impulses.

Tin: Tin is associated with Jupiter and the air element. It is also associated with abundance, prosperity, growth, success, healing, regeneration, rejuvenation, and good luck. It's crystalline structure is made up of tetrahedrons which help in concentrating and amplifying power. Physically, tin helps prevent bacteria from forming, as a result, it can be used for bad breath and gingivitis, mouth infections, it can also be applied to the skin or scalp for hairloss. Tin also helps get rid of cancers.

Copper: This metal is associated with Venus and the water element; it is often associated with goddesses. This is the most common used metal in orgonites. It is used for healing, luck, and love. It also helps with expression, friendship universal love, spiritual culture, dreams, imagination, creativity, mood balancing, sex and clarifying any confusion. Copper is also a good electrical conducter, making it great at ttransfering spiritual energy. It also helps with the absorption and transformation/transport of iron from the intestines to one's blood. Copper promotes cell growth and helps with respiration, hair and skin care, female sex organs and reproduction.

Tungsten: Tungsten is a very strong metal with a very strong magnetic energy able to draw illnesses from the body. It also helps to soothe the muscles and nerves on the surface of the skin, and helps regulate the blood flow throughout the body, and prevent any ailments to the heart. Tungsten also has a calming and grounding effect used to shield against high energy radioactivity.

Antimony: Antimony is ruled by the sun and by the element of fire, it is also associated with Saturn. It is mostly used for protection and strengthening. It also teaches wisdom and the importance of one's transformations. It helps one to appreciate intangible things given from others, and that can be given in return. This metal should only be used in orgonites. Constant exposure to this metal could be harmful.

Titanium: Titanium is known for its strength. It is often used as material for transplants. When worn, it helps with pain relief, energy, immune support, and helps stabilize the electric flow that nerves use to communicate with the rest of one's body.

Silver: Silver is associate with the moon, and it's goddesses. It is conencted with one's emotional and psychic abilities. It reflects negativity and pain away from the wearer. Silver destroys every known virus, fungus, and bacteria. It also heals the damaged tissue. Silver also helps with the balancing and functioning of organs and body fluids. It improves skin health and one's sensitivity to light. It also helps with emotional balance, proper expression, generosity, empathy, and imaginition. Silver also gets rid of feelings of helplessness, and helps with control or balance. Silver also gives one the ability to see varying qualities of light, it helps to harmonize inner rhythms with nature, promotes medium qualities, cycles, and appreciating traditions. Colloidal silver is the most powerful antibiotic.

Bronze: Is an alloy of copper and tin. It holds the combined powers of these two metals, assisting with blood flow, the flow of electrical currents within one's body, and assisting with spiritual energy.

Brass: Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It holds the characteristics of these two metals to benefit it's wearer. Brass jewelry helps the skin to absorb natural metals beneficial to the skin, and helps with melanin production in the skin.