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The Moon of Celebration

The Full Moon is the most powerful moon, which may lead to you feeling a surge of energy. Use this energy to finalise the projects you have, and going over them a final time. You may come across a huge hurtle during this time, this has the potential to be life altering. This is also a great time to cleanse and charge your crystals, and perform protection rituals. Also smudge sacred spaces and place protection crystals around the home. Here's some suggestions for crystals to have at your alter during this time:

Sunstone: This stone brings joyful energy and boosts motivation to carry out and finalize tasks.

Clear Quartz: This crystal promotes one's ability to align themselves to their desires and goals. This stone also amplifies achieves and the benefits of the crystals it's paired with. This crystal also enhances one's intuition and communication skills.

Black Tourmaline: This is a grounding and protective stone. It shields it's owner from energy vampires and negative energy, it also helps ease stress.

Black Obsidian: A psychic protective stone. It works as an energy vacuum, clearing away disharmony, negative energy, old patterns, and negative emotions.

Amber: A psychic protection stone. It is a good luck stone that also enhances creativity, manifestations, and focus.

Rose Quartz: Promotes love, passion, romance, and emotional harmony. It opens your heart and influences one to follow their dreams with confidence.

Tourmaline Quartz: A combination of clear quartz and black tourmaline. It helps get rid of any energy blockages in the body and it helps with clearing your space of any negative energy.

Ruby: This stone attracts prosperity, increases love and sexual passion. It is also a good protection stone for the home.

A great herb or flower to use as a tea, tincture, spell bag, or essential oil under this moon is the Rose. Roses have a warm, deep floral, spicy aroma. It increases feelings of well-being by balancing one's emotions and increasing their ability to trust. It also releases fears of intimacy, and assists in balancing male and female energy. Use rosewater while bathing for these great benefits.

The Full Moon is the moon that brings energy to life in the night. Under this moon you may feel a burst of energy as well as your crystals that lay visible to it's light. Use this energy to boost yourself to the finish line of your goals with confidence. Use sage to smudge personal and sacred spaces for protection. With great energy comes great responsibility, and the possibilities of attracting great obstacles that could alter your journey.