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The Moon of Endings

The Waxing Gibbous Moon is when one starts to see the results of their work. Coming out of the first quarter moon full of doubt and discouragement, blossoms tangible achievements to be proud of. Aren't you glad you didn't give up and stayed focus? Congratulations for making it to this point, but the journey is still not over. If you have been underestimated, this is the time where you will start to be noticed. You may feel that you are no longer at your starting point, but still not quite where you want to be. Watch for signs and coincidences under this moon phase. This is the best time to cut lose ends and exercise patience. You may have your strength and determination tested under this moon phase. Be sure to be clear about your intentions and manifestations, stay focused on them and don't slack off. You're doing so well. Keep going. Here are some great stones to have at your alter or to wear under this moon phase:

Tiger's Eye: This is a protection stone, it protects against bad energy and brings good luck and prosperity.

Citrine: This stone boosts prosperity, good fortune, creativity, generosity, and success. This stone helps remove negative behaviors and patterns. It also helps one to connect to their intentions and removes self doubts.

Dumortierite: This stone enhances self discipline, organizational skills, and order. This stone also releases fears, and brings courage, peace, and patience. This stone caters to the throat chakra, helping one with communication.

The best herb or plant to have as an essential oil, tea, tincture, or in a spell bag at your alter under this phase is Jasmine. Jasmine has a warm, sweet, floral aroma. It is calming, centering, and relaxing. It eases stress while increasing happiness, confidence, and connectedness. Jasmine also helps release fears of intimacy and unworthiness, and it helps one achieve their desires.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon phase is a time where one begins to see the fruits of their labor. However, it is not time to relax and celebrate, the recognition and evidence of achievements are to be utilized and motivation to stay determined and productive. Keep these crystals and herbs at hand as jewelry or at your alter with the intentions of removing distraction from moving forward. The goals that you achieve in the end will be far greater than the ones you see among you. Enjoy the present, but stay focused.