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Fill out this form for your favorite star to be in our constellation awards ceremony.  You pick the constellation, we will email the nominee to accept or deny the nomination and choose which star within the nominated constellation they wish to be nominated for.  Nomination deadline is March 30, 2022.  Nominated stars will be posted April 2nd 2022 for votes.  Voting ends July 25, 2022

Jewelry Artists Constellation

1. Handmade Jeweler Star
2. Healing Jeweler Star
3. Jewelry set of the Year Star

Clothing & Fashion Constellation

1. Men's Clothing Artist Star
2. Women's Clothing Artist Star

3. Children's Clothing Artist Star
4. Footwear Artist Star

4. Accessory Artist Star

Visual Artists Constellation

1. Painting Star

2. Sculpting Star

3. Orgonite Star

4. Digital Media Star

5. Photographer Star

6. Tattoo Artist Star

7. Visual Artist of the Year

Film Artist Constellation

1. Series Creator Star
2. Movie Creator Star
3. Vlog & Podcast Content Star
4. Actor of the Year Star
5. Actress of the Year Star

6. Videographer of the Year Star
7. Series of the Year Star

8. Motion Picture of the Year Star

Music Constellation

1. Producing Star
2. Singing Star

3. Rappig Star

4. Female Musician of the Year Star
5. Male Musician of the Year Star

Mystics Constellation

1. Energy Reading Stars
2. Tarot Reading Stars

3. Crystal Reading Stars
4. Reiki Stars

Body Care Constellation

1. Women Care Star
2. Men Care Star

3. Hair Care Star

Health & Fitness Constellation

1. Fitness Instructing Star
2. Yoga Star

3. Health Vlogging Star

4. Meditation Star

 Food Constellation

1. Chef Star

2. Nutrition Vlogger of the Year Star

3. Restaurant of the Year Star

4. CookBook Creator Star

5. Beverage Creator Star

6. Edibles Star

Educators Constellation

1. Educational Content of the Year Star
2. Law & Order Educator Star
3. Cirriculum Content Star
4. Educational Game Star

5. Financial Educator Star

Writers Constellation

1. Poetic Star
2. ScreenPlay Writing Star
3. Author Star

4. Book of the Year Star

Entertainer Constellation

1. DJ Star of the Year Star

2. Host Star of the Year Star

3. Dancer of the Year Star

4. Comedian of the Year Star

5. Performer of the Year Star

Business Owner Constellation

1. Business Service Star
2. Business Venue Star
3. Virtual Business Star

4. Business of the Year Star

5. Event Curator of the Year Star

Community Builders Constellation

1. Activist Organization Star
2. Philanthropist Organization Star
3. Off- Grid Community Star
5. Giver of the Year Star