Jade is the stone for Pisces and Libra; it is associated with the planets Mercury and Jupiter, and serves the fourth chakra.  Jade can be used to bring money into your life. Create a positive attitude towards money and visualize yourself using money creatively and productively while holding the stone in your power hand. When making an important business decision, use the prosperous energies of jade by holding it while contemplating your course of action. Jade strengthens your mental faculties and assists in clear reasoning.  Jade is also a protective stone, guarding against accidents and misfortune. It is particularly helpful for kidney, heart and stomach complaints.

Unakite (or Epidote) can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the heart chakra.  Unakite is said to lift your spirits when you are feeling down - this is the gemstone to help you to see he beauty in life. It is also used to uncover deception.  Used in magic casting, unakite will give the user a more confident control of any spell, and the user will find things that have been lost.

Green Agate increases compassion, generosity and a keen sense of justice, along with enhancing mental and emotional flexibility, improving decision-making and resolving disputes.

Ruby Green Zoisite
Both the green Zoisite energy and the red Ruby are strongly heart based, and will stimulate positive feelings. It aids you to feel empathy for others and to be observant of your need to take care of your physical body. At the same time it stimulates feelings of happiness and appreciation for all that you have in your life. It has a vibrant energy and will enhance the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart.

Empathetic Generosity