This forex crash course is a live zoom meeting 


The duration of this course is for one week.  2 hours per day


from 11.23.20 til 11.28.20
9am until 11am


We will cover the history of currency

How to set up your wallet and charts

How to read indicators
How to associate news stories with the markets

We will be trading together for one full week on our demo accts

We will be covering apps to download for signal strength
We can get you signed up for companies such as IM academy and Tradera and among others.
We will also be introducing Karatbars and Cryptocurrencies to the cirriculum

This is the start of a trading community.  Those who complete this course will be invited into the Nobodies Trading Telegram groups where we will be pushed to teach each other, given trade signals and more.

Nobodies Trading: Forex Week Course

One on One
Group Training