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Lunar and Solar Eclipse

Normally there are two lunar eclipses and two solar eclipses in a year.  The Solar Eclipse occurs during the New Moon Phase, and the Lunar Eclipse is expected about two weeks later during the Full Moon Phase. 

Under the Eclipse is the best time to do an internal "Spring Cleaning."  This is the time where avoided conflicts, attachments, and buried anxieties come to light.  Expect to be taken from your comfort zone to deal with unnecessary beliefs and attachments.  You may also feel extremes in your emotions, during the eclipse energy vortexes and flows are being created, this may create an extreme increase in energy and excitement, or it may create an extreme increase in feeling lethargic or introverted.

Solar Eclipse

As stated, the Solar Eclipse coincides with the New Moon.  It occurs when the moon briefly aligns between the Earth and the sun, covering the sun to the human eye.  The New Moon, as we already know is The Moon of Reset and New Beginnings.  This is the time to rest and restart new ventures and goals.  The Solar Eclipse is also the time of rebirth, and starting over.  It is the time of fresh starts and manifestations.  This is the best time to recharge your crystals, and your self.  You may also want to create a vision board, or a list of goals you would like to achieve.

This is also a time where you may feel the most creative.  Use that creativity to start a new project, and embrace the charge that you may be feeling from the new energy.

Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of the sun, with Earth being aligned in the center.  It creates the shadow of Earth over the moon.  The Lunar Eclipse occurs during the Full Moon.  The Full Moon is the Moon of Celebration, and endings.  This is the time to tie up any loose ends you may have on any projects you have been working on as the moon cycle comes to an end.  As a result, whatever projects you may have started during the Solar Eclipse, this is a great time to finalize those projects with the surge of energy you may be feeling from the most powerful moon phase.

This is also a time of internal and external purge.  You may want to rid yourself of any unnecessary attitudes, attachments, emotions, behaviors, and tangible items that hinder your growth or are obsolete for your growth.  It is a good time to go inward, embrace your intuition, and accept the changes that are occurring around you that are beneficial to you and your journey.

Pay attention to the Lunar Node the eclipse occurs, this can help give you an idea of what projects are occurring and growing in your life.  Lunar nodes are the points the moon crosses the apparent path of the sun, called the ecliptic.  There are two Lunar Nodes, The Northern and Southern Lunar Nodes, which are declared by which ecliptic hemisphere the moon is moving towards.  

Here are some helpful crystals to have during the Lunar or Solar Eclipse:

Rose Quartz Stone of unconditional love for self and others.  This crystal activates the heart chakra, and guides intensified energies of the eclipse, bringing one closer towards inner love and resilience.

Optical Clear Calcite This crystal allows one to go beyond dimensional boundaries to visualize various outcomes to their decisions and changes being made.  It also protects against the harsh and disruptive energies during the eclipse.


Goes well with the crystals to wear as jewelry.  It amplifies and harmonizes the new charge of energy you may be feeling during the eclipse.


This crystal assists with relieving stress, anxiety, insecurities, and intensified emotions that may erupt from the changes you're undergoing during the eclipse.  It also assists with one's decision making skills, breaking bad habits, and confronting all of the issues that are brought to light.

Black Tourmaline This is a grounding stone.  This crystal is used for spiritual protection.  It also can be used as a great outlet to channel the excess energy generated by the eclipse, and absorb more stable energy.


This crystal is great for neutralizing chaotic energy.

The Solar Eclipse occurs during a New Moon, inciting the desire to start a new project or write out new goals to carry into the new cycle.  This is a time of beginnings, and starting anew.  This is also a time that avoided issues will be brought to the forefront of your life, making you uncomfortable enough to make the necessary changes you have been avoiding to make.  When charging crystals during this eclipse, make it a habit to charge those crystals under each new moon thereafter.

The Lunar Eclipse usually follows during the Full Moon, encouraging one to tie up any loose ends and bringing their projects to a close.  This is a great time to follow up on any on-going projects you may have, and determine what needs to be done to finish them.  This is also a great time to finish the spiritual, emotional, and physical cleanings in your life.  Let go of things that are no longer necessary in your life.  If charging crystals under this eclipse, it is best to charge those crystals on every Full Moon thereafter.

Black crystals are best to use under the eclipse because they are grounding stones, neutralizing and providing protection against disruptive and chaotic energies.