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The Moon of Regeneration

The Waxing Crescent Moon, is the first moon phase after the Full Moon, where a small slither of the moon becomes visible. Under this moon phase is when positive changes take form. You may want to sort through any confusing emotions, as rhis this phase is all about manifestations and intentions. This is also the best time to make plans for life changes, have the steps set in mind for your goal, and gather the necessary resources to achieve them. As the Waxing Crescent Moon appears to gain light and energy, it also influences one to gain energy and light as well. Make a crystal grid promoting your desires for success and growth. Here are some ideas of the best crystals to have on your alter under this moon.

Rose Quartz: This stone promotes love, passion, romance, and emotional harmony. This stone helps to open one's heart towards forgiveness and trust, and influenes one to follow their dreams with confidence.

Green Aventurine: This is a calming stone that attracts abundance and prosperity, mental clarity, and strengthens relationships.

Malachite: This is a protective stone, blocking negative energies. It also helps open one to love, loyalty, and trust in a relationship. It also enhances intuition, creativity, and confidence.

Citrine: This is an energizing stone of light, happiness, abundance, and confidence. This stone also helps with manifestations and achieving goals.

Ruby: This is a protection stone that also enhances love and sexual passion. It also increases prosperity and with the ability to lead.

Carnelian: This is a stone of action, it boosts courage, confidence, and motivation, especially with creative ventures.

The best herb to use during this time as an essential oil or in teas, tinctures, and spell bags for your alter is the Bergamot herb. Bergamot has a sweet floral citrus aroma. It is uplifting, relaxing, and joyful. It helps with releasing the fear of the unknown and the need to control everything. It helps one to trust the universe and go with the flow.

The Waxing Crescent Moon is the moon of regenerating love, success, achievement, and manifestations. Create your alter with the intentions of creating a step by step plan to achieving your goals and begin doing so. Keep the carnelian and citrine stone on you to keep you energized and focused on your task.